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Hambagu: A Japanese Style Hamburg Steak


Have you ever had Japanese style hamburgers steak yet? What makes it different with hamburger steaks we enjoy in the UK? Come and bare with us to get to know more about this delicious Japanese dish!

Japanese hamburger steak or “hambagu” is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. Hambagu is part of a category of western influence Japanese cuisine called Yoshoku. This style of food dates back to the late 19th century, when Emperor Meiji became a fan of European ideals and promoted the consumption of western food. It’s basically a steak with a combination of beef and pork served with a red wine reduction sauce. Not only do this meal contains of beef, it’s also mixed with variety of vegetables in it. Since the veggies are mixed inside, this dish easily becomes Japanese moms and children’s favorite.

Unlike other steaks, Hambagu is thicker and smaller in shape, the texture of the beef is also lighter which makes it juicier and melts once you put it in your mouth.

Because these hamburgers are not served with buns, it is typically served with rice or mashed potatoes in the sides. Japanese hamburger steak is a perennial favorite for lunch, dinner, and bento.

Japanese Hamburger Steaks are now available at Fuzion Bali. Come and enjoy the authentic taste!

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