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Fuzion Italian Pizza

Initiated in 2011, Fuzion started to develop an Italian traditional pizza recipe became one of its signature dish. Serving only fresh and handmade pizza everyday to customers is Fuzion commitment and is excitement at the same time. Driven with idealism, the brick oven was created by the owner to produce chewy and crispy of Italian pizza.

We believe every element of pizza has connection one to another. The base, the sauce, the cheese, the toppings and the way its baked is giving their addition in order to create authentic Italian pizza. 



At Fuzion, we believe in giving whole complete experience of enjoying cuisine. By so, we started from the basic right: good food comes from good ingredients. Over 80% Fuzion kitchen uses Indonesian ingredients, everyday the best local ground vegetables and other elements are carefully chosen to create delicacy in every our recipe.


As Fuzion continues develop, so does our team. Fuzion has managed to bring the feel of calm and relaxing atmosphere while Italian-Indonesian food with certain cooking technique were freshly serve to customer.

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